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Dean Wilson Funeral Directors pre-arranged funeral care

Pre-paid and pre-arranged funeral plans

"Purchasing a plan gives me peace of mindů"

Many people wish to provide for their funeral expenses and a pre-paid funeral plan is a sensible, caring and cost-effective way to do so. Dean Wilson Funeral Directors is proud to offer their very own plan, fully in line with the code of practice laid down by the Funeral Planning Authority.

Purchasing a pre-payment plan enables you to pay now, at today's price, and beat inflation - no matter how far in advance the service might be needed.

The many advantages include:
  • choosing your own funeral arrangements, allowing you complete peace of mind
  • saving your family from difficult decisions, uncertainty and the distress this may cause in trying to guess what you would have wanted
  • there is no age limit and no awkward health questions
  • flexible payment options - you can make a once-only payment or pay by monthly instalments, whichever suits you
  • financial security, as the payment is safely held in Funeral Planning Trust until needed
Our plans can be tailored to suit each individual need. To request further information or to discuss this service please visit or contact the office on 0208 331 1111 or 0208 466 1400.
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