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Dean Wilson Funeral Directors memorial services


We are proud to work closely with our very own excellent stonemason, allowing us to enable you to choose a beautifully crafted tribute to the memory of your loved one. A vast array of designs, materials and optional extras are available, many of which are interchangeable, ensuring that you can have anything from a simple, elegant headstone to a totally individual memorial, designed to your specifications.

Dean and his staff have an abundance of experience in the field of memorials and are more than happy to discuss your requirements either in the office or in the comfort of your own home.

We will assist you through the process of choosing and designing the memorial, supplying you with a no-obligation estimate. Should you choose to purchase your memorial with us, we will then furnish you with a quote and proof before proceeding with the work.

Dean Wilson Funeral Directors is also pleased to offer a full memorial repair service, including additional inscriptions, along with our new grave tending service.

For further information regarding our memorials or the related services we offer, please contact the office on 0208 331 1111 or 0208 466 1400.
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